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Launch with us

Our passion is launching retailers.

Whether you have been operating for one month or 20 years, your business needs a launch into e-commerce. RetailMakr provides your platform.
Do what you started your business to do, help your local customers.
We will handle the rest of the world for you.

How it works


Provide your inventory and we list your products


Accept orders and ship-from-store to customers in the United States


Get paid directly from us every 30 days

Why RetailMakr

E-commerce is vital for all retailers. Why do it alone? That's why we created RetailMakr, to partner with your business to help you maximize your e-commerce presence and experience.

RetailMakr exists for one purpose: to help retailers achieve success in an e-commerce world.

Our Marketplace

Our fully-managed Mass Marketplace, named for the "gravity-effect" of massive product counts on our channels, will add a simple new revenue stream to your business that will become a mainstay for your bottom-line.

From seamless order and inventory management to marketing support and 1-minute logistics, RetailMakr provides a marketplace experience for retailers that is unrivaled.


The highlight of any e-commerce retailer is the ability to fill an order rapidly and accurately.

We provide the software, training, and even the shipping labels. You just send out packages and let the revenue roll in.

Dozens of retail channels

Our Retail Partners enjoy a large network of channels where their products are listed with virtually zero effort on their end. From ecommerce behemoths like Amazon and eBay to our own category-specific retail stores, our Retail Partners have an expansive reach.

Innovative Partner Program

RetailMakr is dedicated to your success in the ever-changing modern retail world. Our Partner Program is an innovative 3-tier system. Retail Partners work up through the program, increasing their exposure in Mass Marketplace.

Seamless Inventory and Order Management

Designed to integrate with virtually every existing inventory management system, our Platform makes syncing between locations and channels seamless. We always keep your products on the Mass Marketplace in lock-step with your local stores.

Customer service Cruise-Control

Let our team handle all customer emails and phone calls. We send you only simple requests and questions when needed. Qualify for additional perks by chipping in on customer inquiries.

1-Minute Logistics

All orders in Mass Marketplace are delivered to you ready for ship-from-store logistics. Just print the pre-paid label we send to you for every order, box the order and hand to the carrier when they swing by each day.

Magical Returns Handling

Let's face it. Returns and refunds are a necessary evil. Our team will collect, process, and manage all of your returns. No more RMA red-tape. We do the heavy lifting so that you don't have to.

Our Retail Partners are, in our opinion, the best in the world. They are passionate for the local markets they serve and the products they carry. Since they are so great we treat them that way.

We maximize the potential of each of our Retail Partners through the partner program. The program allows us to come alongside each Retail Partner with the care and direction each needs.

The intention is that Retail Partners that excel will gain the widest exposure for their products and will engage with our team on an ever-closer strategic level.

Partner Benefits

Effortless Marketing

Choose how to advertise in each package you ship.

Vibrant Community of Partners

All of our parters are valuable members of their local market, each with expertise to share.

Inventory Forecasting

We will provide weekly suggestions of products to stock so that you never miss a selling opportunity.

Retail Coaching

Gain knowledge and wisdom from our retail experts. Learn to run your store for omni-channel.

Tailored Pricing

You choose your price to us to best maximize your profits.

Industrial Support

Our heroic account support team is always at the ready to help.
Want to join as a Retail Partner?